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3G/HSDPA offers you wireless broadband connectivity, within range of the entire Vodacom Cellular network! This means that your connection is totally mobile, enabling you to connect to the Internet anywhere that you can get cell-phone reception - without the use of a landline!

The HSDPA USB modem connects directly to the USB slot on desktops or laptops, which means you only need one device for all your mobile broadband access needs, irrespective of the type of computer you use.

  • Internet on the move – you can access the internet anywhere, anytime
  • Speed – 3G/HSDPA wireless broadband is super-fast internet. It is up to 20 times faster than dial up internet access
  • It’s wireless – with 3G/HSDPA you don’t need to have a telephone line, which means you can connect anywhere, anytime, as long as you are in a 3G coverage area
  • Excellent network coverage – 3G/HSDPA is available in all major metropolitan areas in South Africa

Contract Data Included
(per Month)
Monthly Subscription
(incl VAT)
Effective In-bundle rate
(per MB)
Out-of-bundle rate
(per MB)
MY MEG 250 250 MB R 159.00 R 0.64 R 1.50
MY MEG 500 500 MB R 249.00 R 0.50 R 1.20
MY GIG One 1 GB R 349.00 R 0.34 R 1.20
MY GIG Two 2 GB R 449.00 R 0.22 R 1.20
MY GIG Three 3 GB R 649.00 R 0.21 R 1.00
MY GIG Five 5 GB R 1,049.00 R 0.20 R 1.00
MY GIG Ten 10 GB R 2,049.00 R 0.20 R 0.50

Terms & Conditions

* All prices include VAT.
* You will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time you spend connected.
* Unused in-bundle data expires at month end.
* Once you have used up your bundle, the applicable out of bundle rate will apply.
* SMS messages are charged at standard rates or SMS Bundled rates if applicable.
* Tariffs do not apply to data roaming.
* Bolt-on data options do not include a modem.
* A modem is included in the tariff unless otherwise specified.