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ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) is a super-fast technology that turns an ordinary telephone line into a multitasking access tool. ADSL provides data transmission at significantly higher speeds than an ordinary dial-up or ISDN service, while maintaining the existing telephone service.

  • Lightning fast Internet and download speeds
  • Reliability
  • Always on connectivity - permanently connected to the internet
  • Capped Telkom and internet bill - no more unpredictable phone accounts
  • Multi purpose business tool - conference calling, multi media, internet access, voip services and fax simultaneously

MONTHLY Data cap only Data & ADSL line - 24 month contract
384k line 512k line 4mb line
ADSL 1Gig R 69.00 R 190.00 R 370.00 R 439.00
ADSL 2Gig R 139.00 R 255.00 R 430.00 R 499.00
ADSL 3Gig R 175.00 R 320.00 R 479.00 R 565.00
ADSL 5Gig R 280.00 R 425.00 R 590.00 R 679.00
ADSL 7Gig R 350.00 N/A N/A N/A
ADSL 10Gig R 480.00 N/A N/A R 859.00

Free ADSL router when signing a 24 month contract