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Wireless connectivity is the order of the day using radio waves instead of copper phone lines. This means you can get connected to the internet with all the benefits of traditional internet with the additional wireless features and quick setup times. iBurst offers a new kind of portability and freedom that traditional wired networks cannot offer.

  • Permanent internet access
  • Fast internet browsing & email (Up to 1 Mbps data connectivity)
  • Wide area wireless access means that access is available wherever the user needs it.
  • The service is fully compatible with existing laptops, PDAs and desktop computers - no upgrades or new devices required.
  • Once your cap is reached, speed drops to 64k instead of being cut off

MONTHLY Month-2-Month excludes modem 24 Month contract with Free Modem
USB/ Laptop modem & antenna Desktop modem Webfone (includes iCall & antenna)
FreeFlo (10MB) R 0 N/A N/A N/A
KickStart (40MB) R 49 R 69 R 89 R 189
Playa (500MB) R 149 R 169 R 189 R 289
Giga (1 Gig) R 199 R 219 R 239 R 339
Pro (3 Gig) R 449 R 469 R 489 R 589
Xtreme (5 Gig) R 599 R 619 R 639 R 739
Addict (10 Gig) R 999 R 1019 R 1039 R 1139

Subscription subject to a once-off Activation fee of R99